This page is to keep as part of Subud PNW institutional memory the role and responsibilities of the Menucha Event Coordinator.

On October 8, 2019 at 4:42 PM, OSWALD NORTON <> wrote:

Hi Paul,  Thanks for your willingness to do this important role…

In the past, this role has been the contact person that Pilgrim firs would contact about the following:

  • The meal times and the number of meals per meal session, including special meals
  • The facility (chairs, white boards, supplies, etc. )setup of
    • The buildings we use
    • The balcony for use by the store and Subud Portland’s auction.
  • Any needs by the helpers for early arrival and a space for special or clearing latihans
  • The schedule and which spaces could be used for workshops
  • Setting up when the mandatory introduction to Menucha session with Menucha staff and those attending would happen.
  • Other questions that the RHs had about facilities that needed coordination with Menucha staff

Essentially Menucha wanted one person to speak with about setup, meals, etc.  In the past the facilities coordinator was that person.

To sort things out with the RHs, I asked If I could be a part of their last monthly meeting where we could discuss logistics and how to work together.

Apologies if none of this is useful because the role has changed.