Former Subud PNW Chair (& holder of MANY Subud positions over the years) Ramon Hildreth has a new poetry chapbook and there is a review at It says:

It is a humble offering when a chapbook comes out, but find the right one and there are also indeed “intellectual pleasures.” Longtime Subud Greater Seattle member (& current Secretary) Ramon Hildreth has released a chapbook entitled Broken Waves. The title likely alludes to his love for surfing, well-demonstrated in this fine little book, with poems like Westport Haibun. The haibun is a Japanese form, created by Basho, that combines dense, poetic prose passages with haiku, or haiku-like moments that are related to the prose, that don’t “explain” it, per se, but come at that content from an angle. (“Tell it slant” said Emily Dickinson.) Haibun are often written as travel accounts and Ramon’s haibun here is no exception:



Ramon Hildreth Chapbook