This report is based on Oswald Norton’s email sent on May 31, 2018 requesting a group report and expands on Michael’s brief report given at the congress.

Oswald’s requested entries with responses by our committee: Michael DuBois, Chair, Serena DuBois, Secretary and Rosalyn Neel, Treasurer.

  1. Number of people currently at our center:

We currently have eight active women and four active men and one man who may be coming back.

  1. The number (or approximate number) of active men and women helpers in your center.
  • Currently, two active women helpers, and one RH;
  • Three men helpers, one of whom is active, and two semi-active.
  • All helpers, active and inactive, help when they are needed and when they can.
  1. A summary financial report with current bank balances:

Financial Summary as of 05/31/18

2016:  Income exceeded expenses by 1505.00.   Bank Balance at 12/31/16:      6788.00

2017:  Income exceeded expenses by 2165.00.   Bank Balance at 12/31/17       9013.00

Adjustment for 4th qtr loan/pledge paid 2018:                                   1500.00

Adjusted total for more accurate picture of finances :                       7513.00

2018:  01/01 – 05/31/18  Income exceeded expenses by: 537.00.

(After adjustment for 1500.00 noted above.)

Bank Balance at 05/31/18:                                                               6927.00

  1. Bullet points on the 3-5 biggest accomplishments your center has achieved in the last two years (since our last business congress);
  • 2016 and 2017 Bird Walk fund raisers, with dinner & latihan
  • Having the gutters replaced on our Subud House in 2017
  • Pursuing discovery of other needed repairs to the Subud House in 2017
  • Hosting Regional helper-committee dewan board meeting in spring of 2017
  • Hosting the International Helpers in early 2018.
  1. Bullet points on the 3-5 biggest challenges that you center currently faces and how either the regional committee, or regional helpers might assist you in overcoming those challenges:
  • Completing enough repairs to preserve the life of the house
  • Need information and help promoting outside activities—especially the Bird Walk, which, due to nonparticipation, our group was forced to cancel in 2018
  • We have an aging, spread-out membership, living too far from our Subud house. We need further exploration of how to solve the problems of our aging house and this aging membership.
  • Some of our members find the distances difficult, and there is a lack of the energy we need to deal with this.
  1. Anything else that you would like to report that would help the regional team understand how to assist your center:

In 2018 we adjusted latihan times to suit our membership’s needs. Wednesday latihans are now at 2:30 PM, ensuring that members can arrive home before dark in the winter. Weekend latihans are normally now on Saturdays at 10 AM, except on kedjiwaan or business meeting days which are on Sunday at 11 AM, announced ahead of time.