Subud Pacific NorthWest Dewan Meeting Minutes via Conference Call, October 12, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Aaron Mann, Chairman PNW, Paul Nelson, Vice Chairman PNW, Sherman O’Bar, Treasurer, Lydia Tedrow, Secretary, Elizabeth Flanders & Elisha Gullixson, Regional Helper Liaison, Camille Hofvendahl, Chairperson Subud Portland, Ramon, Subud Seattle, and Michael DuBois, Skagit Valley.


The minutes of the last meeting, on September 14, 2016, were not read. The Chairman reported there was a delay due to a problem with Lydia Tedrow’s computer.


In summary, we have, through September, Dollars coming in $15,506. Dollars going out, or expenses, $26,223. So our expenses today have exceeded our income by $10,717 and that is due to prepayments to Menucha totaling over $11,000.
We have four different accounts:

  1. We have our US Bank General Operating Account, which we use for day-to-day operations, paying insurance premiums and that sort of thing. $4, 942 is the balance.
  2. The US Bank Event Account, $606. That’s the account that we run the Menucha dollars through.
  3. A Capital One House Account. It’s like a savings account or an investment account that earns a little bit of interest, more than your standard checking account. The balance on the Capital One House Account is $67,415. And we have one more account
  4. The Capital One General Account has $15, 944, and that started the year with over $26,000 but I mentioned that we prepaid Menucha several times during the year to assure that we’ve got space come November. We’ve prepaid Menucha over $11,000 and so that’s why our Capital One General fund is $15,944.At the end of the year, after all the Menucha revenue and expenses are accounted for, and all the activities in SPNW, we expect will have more than $26,000 in the Capital One General Account.

Michael DuBois had a quick question regarding availability of funds for Skagit Valley. The group is looking to hire a lawyer to address the undocumented/implied easement on their center’s sewer line. Apparently the group does have implied easement grandfathered for the sewer line but they would like a written easement, either through the County or the City of Mount Vernon. They are asking if money is available from either the General Fund or the Housing Account to pay for attorneys fees.

Sherwin’s response was if the expense was house related, a loan could be made out of the Capital One House Account. However, they would have to look at the bylaws. He was not sure how many people have to approve it.


Ramon reported for the Seattle Center:

Ramon didn’t have a lot to report. The group has had a really good August for their enterprise (over $11,300 in Centerprise Revenues) and is going to have a general meeting this next weekend on Sunday.

Camille reported for the Portland Center:

Camille didn’t have a lot to report. Portland is getting ready for its SD fundraiser at Menucha, which is Juliet’s Balcony and the Coffee Snack Bar concession. And – they have a climate change fundraiser for SD coming up in February and the date they have chosen is February 12th and Camille thought that that was the weekend of the Bird Walk. They we had talked about having a Board Meeting.

Michael, for Skagit Valley, replied that they were tentatively looking at a three-week day weekend in February for the Bird Walk. They thought to have the Bird Walk on the Saturday, the Board Meeting on Sunday and that would give the third day for folks to travel home. There will apparently be plenty of room for people to stay over. The date is tentative; it has not been cleared with Paul and Nadia yet. So, tentatively, that would be the weekend that it would happen. That weekend would begin on Saturday the 18th. The following Monday is the holiday.

Michael mentioned that Marius Hibbard’s father passed away recently. He was a very old man and they were expecting it but Marius is doing a lot of things regarding Arts, etc., and has had to make a few trips down to the L.A. area to take care of family business.

Michael DuBois want to know when the helpers needed the Census back and he was told they want it back, delivered by November 15th.

Aaron Mann said he was a little confused exactly about the Census. He wanted to know if the Center chair people do a Census for their Centers. Camille told him the helpers do and Michael added that the reason the helpers do it is they have a list of people that are inactive and they will make the phone call to make contact with them and find out if they want to be on the list or if they don’t want to be on the list, or things of that nature, and that really is helper work.

Menucha Report:

Aaron spoke about Menucha, a quick report. So far, 72 people have registered. We were a little short on the Day Passes, and people registering for Day Passes. So, Alexandra was requesting that the Center chair people nudge people in their centers about registration. Aaron asked Camille if she could nudge people from Portland who haven’t registered and who will be requesting Day Passes to do it.

New Business Report:

Michael reported that Skagit Valley is trying to pursue an on-line conversation with Indianola regarding next year’s Arts Camp. Michael has also been looking into other locations, perhaps up in the mountains. Maybe in the National Park or place like that. They are continually looking and wish other people would look as well. He is also trying to open up a dialogue with Canada to see if they want to co-join the Arts Camp with us.

Aaron reported that he will be doing an Arts Camp Workshop at Menucha to see if he can generate enthusiasm and interest.

Camille asked if Michael is looking at Labor Day weekend for Indianola and Michael reported that is, traditionally, the weekend they aim for because people have three days.

Michael made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Camille seconded and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lydia Tedrow Recording Secretary