Regional PNW Meeting Minutes  May 11, 2016

Present: Aaron Mann, Sherwin O’Bar, Michael Du Bois, Elizabeth Flanders, Benjamin Boyce, Hadiyah Carlyle.

Minutes from last meeting approved with one abstention.

Treasurer Report:  Sherwin reported that as of last quarter we spent $400 more than we have, due to payment to Menucha.  When we start collecting registration we will make up the deficit. 

We’re received $250 so far toward the $500 we needed to set up the regional website.  Aaron reported there should be some more money coming in.

The next big event is Menucha and should be put on the June agenda.

Regional Helper Report:  Elizabeth reported that the regional helpers will get together in August with an emphasis on Kejiwaan activities. The Alexanders are going to Montana for a workshop in September.  The regional board meeting is Sept 24 but not sure if it is in Portland or Seattle.

Center Chairs: Michael spoke about delegates for the National Congress in Indiana.  There are nine delegates from the region.  Michael would like to go and hopes to work out money arrangements.  The schedule for the National Congress is on the website.

New Business: Michael brought up the issue of property tax on buildings that have rentals.  Sherwin is to look into the issue for Seattle.  Needs to be addressed.

Housing Initiative Committee: We discussed the aging of members and how to think about managing the Portland, Bellingham, and Seattle houses.  Aaron spoke about Spokane’s experience which led to the group disbanding.

Center Reports: 

Skagit/Bellingham – Michael said that they have latihan two times a week.  There is some work on the garage door.

Seattle  – Hadiyah and Sherwin reported that the upstairs bathroom needed repair and that is almost finished. Was a big job.

Next meeting is June 8.

Submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary