Subud PNW Conference Call Board Meeting June 14, 2017. Members Present: Aaron Mann, Chairman PNW, Oswald Norton, Isadora Roth,

Regional Helper Liaisons, Michael DuBois, Skagit Valley and Lydia Tedrow. Minutes: Minutes from the last meeting are not yet available.

Treasurer’s Report: Sherwin O’Bar was not at the meeting so there was no Treasurer’s Report.

Center Reports:

  1. SeattleNo report available.
  2. Portland
    No report available.
  3. Skagit ValleyMichael reported that the Skagit Valley group had a business meeting last Sunday. They are getting bids on repairing their house. The Region will be getting Skagit Valley’s next quarterly payment toward the end of July. Their insurance is paid up for the first half of the year.
    On July 9th, they will be having a kejiwaan day at Marius Hibbard’s house and all are invited.
  4. SpokaneAaron reported the weather is really nice here in Spokane.

Helpers Report:

Isadora Roth did report on activities. A report was received by the Recording Secretary and is attached. She did report that a Helpers Menucha planning will be spent out near where Elizabeth Flanders lives at the end of September.

By way of report, the Regional Helpers had a request from Subud Greater Seattle for a kejiwaan event but have not yet been able to coordinate with the Committee and the Helpers on the timing. Oswald confirmed that a date had been decided on for the Helpers Menucha planning and was on everybody’s calendar.

New Business:

Aside from Aaron, PNW Chair, no one from PNW will be going to the National Congress. Oswald has heard back from a youth who has been asking for support on going to the Congress and who has told Oswald that a ton of people have requested help.

Subud USA has apparently sent out an email stating that there is a fund to help youth come to the Congress so – let it be noted in the minutes that there is an opportunity for youth to obtain help to get to the National Congress. Each one should come up with a number of what it will take to get there and send in a request – Alexandra ter Horst is managing that funding as registrar for the event.

The Subud USA Committee wants Center Chairs to send it names of artists and musicians who could be contacted directly and be encouraged to do something by ways of entertainment at the National Congress.

New or Ongoing Business:

Aaron reported that the completed contract for the Great Create was signed and had been sent back. The Insurance rider was in process.

An ad has been posted on the Subud PNW website. So far, no responses have been received. A suggestion was made to post flyers at the centers.

Oswald reported that the whole camp site will be available to Subud.

Paul has posted a notice on the website. We are looking for a program coordinator for the Great Create.

We need to start promoting the Great Create now pretty soon, perhaps after the National Congress is over – with flyers and cards. Not many people are registered. However, apparently many people register at the last minute. Halima Taylor will be doing a presentation at the National Congress about the Great Create. Some 4 X 6” cards can be handed out at the National Congress as well.

Oswald will be sending Committee Chair People a poster and the rate sheet to print out and put on Center bulletin boards. Alexandra also put on the flyers that if anybody had difficulty with registering, they could call her and she would help to register them for the Great Create.

Also, a link to some documents that Paul can put on the website will be attached to the minutes so people can print them out themselves.

Oswald reported that, as a point of information, one can go to the Subud USA website and see information on the National Gathering. At the very top is a link “National Gathering Info Guide Link”. It has a complete PDF that tells all about Pearlstone Center, the facility, what the lodging looks like and the opportunities for kids which are really big. They have a Nature Center – that PDF is available and will be included in the minutes.

Ending the Meeting:

The meeting was adjourned.

Recording Secretary, Lydia Tedrow.


June Subud PNW RH Report

No Visits to report this period.
The Great Create
In our support of The Great Create we’ve

  • –  Helped with the completion of the contracts to provide us use of Pilgrim Firs
  • –  Provided the daily latihan schedule for The Great Create. Future Visits:

– – –

Isadora and Elizabeth are planning a visit to Southern OR, stops at Ashland and Roseburg July 21-24th.

We’re working with the Subud Greater Seattle Committee on a Kedjiwaan day that will be attended by the regional helpers. Date TBD.

The Great Create (August 24-27) Pilgrim Firs Retreat Center, Port Orchard, WA. Oswald and Elizabeth will be attending and facilitating latihans.

Regional Call-In Latihans (1st Monday, 3rd Thursday. Quiet 7:30. latihan 7:45 pm.)

Women – 1-605-475-6333. Access code 9792773 Men – 1-605-475-5950. Access code 2748113 5/18: Men: 2 Women: 6
6/5: Men: 5 Women: 6

6/15: Men: 2 Women: 4