Subud PNW Dewan Meeting Minutes, June 8, 2016 7:30pm

Attending: Aaron Mann, Chair, Paul Nelson, Vice-Chair, Sherwin O’Bar – Treasurer, Michael DuBois – Bellingham/Skagit Valley Chair, Isadora Roth – Regional Helper, Camille Hofvendahl – Chair Subud Portland, Ramon – Chair Subud Seattle. Guest, Evan Padilla, SDUSA Chair.

Absent: Male Regional Helper Call to Order – 7:37pm

Unanimous approval of the minutes from the last meeting. Michael moved, Camille Hofvendahl second. Motion approved with two abstentions, Paul and Camille.

Financial report – Sherwin – Attached pdf (6.8.16 Monthly Cash Flow…) shows SPNW 2016 Financial results monthly and total thru May 19. Total Revenue was $8,848, Expenses were $9,552, resulting in expenses exceeding revenue by $704 due to the Jan $1,462 reservation payment to secure the Nov 2016 gathering at Menucha. When the finally 2016 Menucha tally is in in late November it is expected that there will be a $3,000 to $4,000 excess of Menucha revenue over Menucha expenses. This excess, net of other SPNW Revenues/Expenses is transferred to the ING General Fund account which currently has a $26.3K balance (other regional accounts/balances as of 5/19 are: ING House Fund $63.5K; US Bank General Operating Account $5.5K and US Bank Event Account $0.4K).

Delegate Assistance – Proposal on protocol for delegate funding assistance to the National Congress (congress procedures and protocols) from the region. –

Aaron said he proposed it because he could find no guidelines about the delegate selection process and assistance for potential delegates, as well as a way to prioritize such assistance. Sherwin talked about a goal of $5,000 and if not met, what were the expectations as to where funds would come from. Aaron said the goal is to create an regional ledger account specifically for such assistance. He said other regions do use travel assistance accounts. Aaron said that currently there are not enough delegates for the National Congress to even have a quorum. 8 are currently registered and a minimum

of 40 are required. SPNW has nine delegates total and Aaron will do a count of total regional delegates before the next meeting. Michael moved to approve. Camille second. Motion approved unanimously.

National Congress Delegate Count – Get a delegate count for the National Congress and insure all delegates that need it get financial aid. Portland has two committed delegates so far: Morris McLellan and Hamilton Cheifitz. Seattle has Harianah Chilstrom, Halstein Stralberg, Paul Nelson so far. Bellingham/SV has one, Michael DuBois and Aaron Mann will be a delegate. Sherwin O’Bar moved to provide assistance from the region for Paul to attend the National Congress as a delegate. Ramon second. Motion carries unanimously. Paul abstained. Sherwin said to send costs via email with receipts when possible to get funds.

dbas – Discuss and take a vote on the resolution to ensure that SPNW bank accounts are using the current SPNW name, EIN and UBI numbers, the following resolution is presented to the SPNW Board:

Be it proposed that, in the interest of operating in accordance with all laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we have centers, we establish Doing Business As (dba) listings to reflect current operations:

Friends of Susila Dharma Subud Greater Seattle
Subud Portland
Subud Bellingham/Skagit Valley Spring Street Center

Regents Center

to the current Subud Pacific Northwest business license in the state of Washington.

Paul moved to approve dbas for above projects. Michael DuBois seconded. Sherwin said that the WA Secretary of State told him adding dbas puts us into a taxable situation. Evan Padilla reported that Portland raises money for Susila Dharma, as Friends of Susila Dharma. Portland is a model for SD fund-raising in the U.S. It has also strengthened the sense of community in Subud Portland and they are the largest SD fundraiser in the country and perhaps the largest in the world. Sherwin argues that checks should be donated to Susila Dharma and that a separate account should not be set up.

Evan said the current Portland bank account will not be cashing checks made out to Susila Dharma within one week. Evan says his donors want a tax deduction and that money should go to where it is targeted and local giving helps raise funds. Camille said Portland has a matching fund and so it would make it difficult to make that happen. Sherwin asked if Portland sends a tax letter to donors and Camille said she got a letter from Susila Dharma and called the current bank situation “a snarl.” Paul moved, Michael Second. Vote: Camille, No. Sherwin, No. Aaron, Yes. Paul, Yes, Ramon, No. Michael, Yes. Motion fails.

Contracting of book keeping – tabled by unanimous consent.

Menucha – tabled.
a. – Financial aid — tabled.
b. whether you want to keep extra buildings – tabled.

Center chair reports – tabled.
Helper report – tabled.
New business – tabled.
Meeting adjourned 8:49pm. Michael moved. Paul second.