Attendees:  Aaron Mann, Paul Nelson, Sherwin O’Bar, Ramon, Michael Du Bois, Michael and Beata Alexander, Hadiyah Carlyle

Minutes from last meeting approved with one abstention.

Treasurer Report: 

SPNW 2016 financial results thru June:

Income:                                             $10,288

Expense:                                            11,580

Expense Greater than Income    $ 1,292

Expense is greater than income due to a $1,462 reservation fee paid to Mencuha Conference Center (MCC) to reserve MCC for the November 2016 gathering.  Income from the Menucha gathering will offset this reservation fee.

Center Chairs: 

Seattle – Ramon reported that Seattle will have a membership meeting Sunday August 14 after latihan to discuss choosing a new dewan earlier so there can be a transition period.  Air BnB has been doing very very well…….The tax questions have been resolved. Air BnB has been paying taxes using the SPNW EIN.

Skagit – Michael said that now that it is summer members are away.  A couple went to family camp in Canada recently.  There will be a kedjiwaan day at Marius Hubbard’s home the 2nd weekend in August.

Helpers Reports:

Women – Beata said the women helpers will need to find a replacement for her.

Men – Michael reported that Oswald will replace Michael.

The regional helpers have continued to have phone latihans two times a month.

National Congress:

Paul reported that Hariana wrote a comprehensive report on the recent national congress in Indiana.  It is online on the SGS website.  The highlight of the congress was electing a new dewan. There was much discussion about the properties Subud owns and who should have ownership of them and a by-laws clarification on anti-discrimination in Subud.

Family Camp 2017:

Motion:  Paul made the motion that Subud PNW dewan encourage it’s members to attend Family Camp in Canada in July 2017, rather than stage a regional Family Camp as we’ve done Labor Day weekend in years past. We had a lengthly discussion about Family Camp.  One member felt it important that we have our own.  There are some of our members who attend Camp in Canada and Michael De Bois will talk to them about making contact with Canada (BC) and see if they would be willing for us to be involved making it more of a regional Family Camp.  The motion was not passed for now but we will continue working on this.

September board meeting:

Discussion about where Sept board meeting should be.  Decided to have in Portland as usual (Sept 24 weekend) and Aaron can fly from Spokane and get housing.

Subud Portland property management:

We ran out of time so table until next meeting which will be Sept 14.

Respectfully submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y