Subud Portland is the largest group in the PNW region, with 90 members, about 50% active.

We have approximately 5 men helpers and 5 women helpers.  Our new committee just took over a month ago.  We are looking for a treasurer who is not a helper.

Subud Portland will be seeing about 14 members attend the World Subud Congress in Freiburg.

In 2011 our house on Regent Street was turned over to the PNW Region, although it is managed locally.

Financial Report

Income is 2/3 from rental, and 1/3 from donations.  For instance from 1/1/18 to 4/30/18, our rental income was $11,262.50, and donations were $5,500.  For that period our rental manager made a commission and stipend totaling $1,806.25, about 16% of rental income.

Our monthly remittance  to the PNW Region is $750.00. 

Every month after paying expenses and maintaining a balance of $7,500.00, we transfer

surplus funds into the Capital Fund, used for house improvements.  The Capital Fund

currently has about $20,000.

Our bookkeeping and finances are in transition. We used On Point Credit Union until March

when an account was opened with US Bank.  This was done to comply with federal

regulations to have banking for the region under the umbrella of the PNW region, for tax

purposes.  Signing authority for members in Portland handing money is difficult because

all the PNW board members reside in Seattle, and a board member meeds to be present

at a Seattle branch when a new name is added to a Portland branch. 

We have unfinished business with this transfer, since the old credit union account is still active handling utility payments, and our treasurer does not have access to that account. Although our group is financially sound, we need to get our books and treasurer activities up to date and made transparent.

Susila Dharma

Over the past year we have raised $5,000 for SD.  This comes from a silent auction at Menucha, a silent talent auction done recently at our Spring Fling celebration at the Subud house, and through refreshment sales after Sunday latihan.  This is being matched with $2,000 raised by Subud New York, for a combined amount of $7,000 that we are putting forth as match money for donations starting at this congress.  In other words, further donations to Susila Dharma can be matched to up to $7,000. 


We have had some activity with community outreach, spear headed by Lusijah Marx, with a delightful  gathering at her house. More of this is anticipated, as we look to integrate our Subud life with the community at large. 

House maintenance and special projects 

We have been discussing replacing a faulty roof infrastructure, and replacing our deck, but this is on hold for now.  There has  been some painting done, and 100 chairs have been replaced. 

Other activities

Marius Harold organized a concert that raised about $2,000 for Cuban Subud youth.

Subud Portland has donated $2,000 from our funds to help third world members travel to the World Congress. 

We have our occasional film nights, poetry reading events, and slametans, and our group is as ever vibrant and active.