Join Us for Regional Call-In Latihan

Subud PNW Regional Latihans are offered twice per week on Tuesdays and Sundays at 11am ’til further notice due to the Shelter-in-Place regulations designed to combat the spread of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Call-in and quiet will begin at 11:00am and Latihan will begin at 11:15am.

The Tuesday and Sunday morning call-ins are a joint effort of center and regional helpers. One helper will be present for the men and one for the women during each Regional Latihan. Please see the call-in numbers to use below!

The twice monthly evening regional Latihans at 7:30pm on the 1st Monday and 3rd Thursday will continue.

There will be one helper present for the men and one for the women during each Regional Latihan. Testing can be requested, and we ask that members give the helpers one week’s notice to arrange for other helpers to be present, and to arrange for a time.

Quiet for these evening regional Latihans will begin at 7:30 with Latihan at 7:45 pm.

* * *

Men and women may now dial in on any of the following numbers, then use either the men’s or women’s code below to access your call:
1 (425) 436-6260
1 (712) 832-8330
1 (605) 475 2879

Women’s Latihan line: use code 242 6147
Men’s Latihan line: use code 863 2438

We look forward to serving our Subud brothers and sisters of the Pacific Northwest.


Rosalyn Neel
360-428-4803 (land line, Subud House–with answering machine)
360-949-2577 (cell)

Honora Drew
907-399-7751 (cell)

Elissa Sunflower


David Lynch

Albert Palmeter

Leonard Dixon