From Subud USA, sent on Saturday, March 28. Here is a handy grid of all USA phone-in Latihan times, plus some instructions. Good etiquette: be sure to record your name when prompted (in PNW), get there ON TIME, as your late arrival is a distraction to people already there in quiet time, DO NOT USE EAR BUDS, as we hear your every breath and turn off your phone if other voices and noises distract you.



There are several ways to do latihan together:

1. You can call-in, say your name, then get quiet and do latihan with the phone lines open. If you want to stay on the line, there is time for conversation after the latihan and finall quiet time. Please don’t use headsets/earbuds during latihan as we will hear every breath you make and any rustling noises.
A Regional Helper will start and stop the latihan

2. If you do not want to call in, you are invited to simply do latihan with us at the same time.

3. Also, you may prefer to do latihan on your own (“offline”), then call in at the end of latihan for greetings and conversation.

Please take this opportunity to do latihan together in a way that is most comfortable for you.

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Subud Call-In Latihan Times (Handy Grid)