A message from Hani’a Abrams, Subud California regional helper

Sisters and Brothers,

Throughout 2020, I will do a regular prihatin for peace; for peace in myself and for peace in the world and I invite you to join me. Some literal translations of prihatin are “be concerned” and “caring.” Bapak often speaks of doing prihatin for the purpose of attaining a needed and hoped-for result. He said:

“…in reality one’s life will become pleasant and happy only if one pays for it first by prihatin; that is, by cutting down on all kinds of pleasures and patiently accepting whatever is then received.”

“…Prihatin is not something you are required to do and it is not obligatory. However, rather than complaining, you are better off doing it, because complaining cannot bring you happiness; on the contrary, it will make you ill…”

“…When you cut down on food and the pleasure of eating and reduce the enjoyment of all your pleasures, your inner strength, meaning, the strength of your soul, grows.

…What are the results of self-denial? With self-denial, you develop patience, acceptance and the ability to let go. Once you are like that, the influence of your soul will be strong, so people who used to hate you will no longer hate you…”

The Prihatin for Peace days of observance each week will be Monday and Thursday. If you feel to join in this, you are most welcome! I will start a Prihatin for Peace group on WhatsApp and send this single reminder each Sunday and Wednesday: “Prihatin for Peace Tomorrow.” If you are joining that day, simply reply: “I’m in”.

The only purpose of this chat group for me to send the reminder and you to respond with “I’m in” if you are joining. I do not wish it to be a discussion group as I’m sure we all have more than enough social media going on.

If you wish to participate, send a message with your name and phone number to me via WhatsApp at 1-510-934-4006 and I will add you to the group to receive the reminders. If you wish to participate but would rather not use WhatsApp, send a text message to me at the number above and I will send you the reminders by text messaging or, if you prefer, by email.

Of course, there is no obligation and no expectation of how often you join, or if you join at all. I will be doing every Monday and Thursday, but you may feel once a month, or once a week, or whenever your inner spontaneously nudges you to take part.

I will be starting the first Prihatin for Peace on Thursday, January 2, and the first reminder will go out Wednesday, January 1.  You may feel to start this month, or at any time during the year.

Please share this intention with other members of your group and feel free to forward my contact on to any Subud member you feel may be interested.

Please consider joining me in Prihatin for Peace, for as little or as much as you can throughout 2020!


Prihatin for Peace