Subud Portland is at it again, raising money for its next annual Susila Dharma USA Matching Fund to help support SD’s impressive array of projects spread across the Subud world.  Susila Dharma’s impressive record of building Subud-inspired, effective, and sustainable projects deserves our on-going support.  We will be hosting a Silent Auction at the SUSA Congress in Portland in June, and hope that you can bring items to add to the sale that will be eye catching and motivating. Think décor, art pieces, jewelry and other accessories, you name it!  (Due to logistics, we must limit clothing items to special pieces.) If you can’t attend, perhaps someone else can tuck your treasures into their suitcase.

Love and thanks from Subud Portland’s SD Team,

Maria Baker, Leana McClellan, Marilyn Schirk
Susila Dharma USA Matching Fund!!!