Subud PNW Board Meeting

Dec. 10, 2014

Attending: Alexandra terHorst, Oswald Norton, Sherwin O’Bar, Pete terHorst, Bhakti Watts, David Lynch, Elizabeth Flanders, Beata Alexander

Members absent: Michael DuBois

Alexandra called the meeting to order at 7:41 p.m.

Approval of Nov. meeting minutes:

Motion by Bahkti, seconded by Sherwin, approved by acclaim.

Roundtable report: issues and opportunities:

Sherwin: Working on the IRS determination, seeking info from Calif. for 990 submission requirement (note of increasing revenues from enterprise); Needs to read IRS 501a1 manual. Question: Are we a church? Initial budget is out of balance for 2015.

Bhakti: Issues in Portland are communications, collaboration, compromise, consensus. Working on this following contentious meeting this month. Renewal of pledges in progress; forming a budget committee; there open positions for vice chair and secretary for the Jan. meeting.

Oswald: Looking at current “church” status and comparing to other Subud entities, re: tax liability. Need legal advice from non-profit counsel regarding Seattle enterprise profits. Opportunity for PNW to share knowledge and resources, with centers as key info sources; this needs better coordination.

Beata: Helpers are doing their best to come together with new dewan. Regional latihans are beginning. Helpers are planning a meeting in late Dec.

Elizabeth: This is such a time of opportunity: the Region can ignite things, create change. Question is when to push, when to let something go. Also helpers need to take care of personal needs. 

David: He has volunteered to be Seattle housing committee advisor after his chair term ends.

Pete: Senses a growing regional presence and opportunities for collaboration, but this brings with it the potential for conflict, too.

Alexandra: Issues are regional processes and procedures that need to be tightened up. Excited about the future of PNW.


Sherwin – Working off of spreadsheet sent around earlier… Region is on target to meet center contributions. Seattle to send one-time $1200 contribution to PNW at the end of the year, intended to support helper travel/support in 2015.

Review of Menucha and Family Camp revenues. Total income to date is $49,145.

Expenses: Insurance is up about $1400 for new D&O policy. Also have to pay property insurance for BSV house. Biggest increase is budget is helper travel request of $6,000.

Helper travel expense: Chair asked for itemized helper travel budget to better dial it in, such as where and when. Then board can revisit the request.

Pete – Question about Seattle contribution: Can they commit to increase funds to equal the Portland contribution? David: Seattle is coming out of a financial hole and enterprise is starting, but need to be prudent and play it safe. Seattle budget will be set in January, and will be revisited periodically in the year.

Alexandra – SUSA has asked for more in 2015 from PNW. Not a percentage per se… are centers in a position to increase donations? Bhakti: Portland cannot give more currently. Seattle: (see above). Alexandra: SUSA will be healthier if we can make PNW healthier.

Alexandra – PNW needs to investigate consolidation of various insurance expenses, a possible avenue to reduce expenses.

Alexandra – can we revisit the budget and vote on it in January after helper the meeting: broad agreement to do so.

Housing committee

Alexandra has asked Oswald to chair the housing committee.

Oswald – Marston Gregory says the committee was originally formed to oversee the buy-sell of houses. From AN IRS perspective, WE need to think how PNW properties are considered tax-wise, AND how they are maintained. (Example: Subud California region meetings are often consumed with discussion about real estate.) PNW needs to think about repairs and maintenance needs and frequency cycles. Also, what are PNW’s needs from houses? Let’s have rental and booking managers share notes. Example: David in Seattle has contractor expertise; Latham in Portland has accounting knowledge. Now we need to generate an interest and get a time commitment. Oswald will contact Latham and Michael (for BSV) to start discussions.

David – Let’s not forget the cultural development of the various houses as art, performance and social centers.

Regional Dewan Meeting

AlexandraAfter Seattle’s January meeting, PNW needs a meeting. March will be too busy for helpers (who travel to Colorado). Possibly meet in February?

Menucha 2015 committees

Alexandra – There are passionate members who would make good volunteers that we need for sub-committees (examples: family, scholarship). Let’s recruit from the region… involve them more.  FYI we have added Ballard and The Barn for 2015 for now. We need to start our efforts early for 2015.

Alexandra – Will be meeting with friends of Menucha foundation in late January.

March 2015 Gathering

Alexandra — Could we do satellite kedjiwaan days in the centers? A gathering for the centers, local helper testing…  Not a lot of business to conduct this year, our last meeting was just 6 months ago, and this would allow for helpers to travel to Colorado and not feel rushed.

Beata – Suggests helpers test this concept at December meeting and report in January.

New business: Income generation:

Oswald — IRS rules: federal, state and King County for Seattle. As a “church” we have no federal concern; but we need legal advice for tax exposure at state level. (In Calif., Subud is not classed as a church, per counsel they paid for.) At the county level – Portland looks OK; King County has rules about square footage use. City of Seattle says, if gross revenue is less than $110k, no tax exposure. Would like an OK to pursue getting non-profit legal advice to investigage tax ramifications for Subud PNW enterprises: group approved. Oswald will report in January.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m. by acclaim.