All of us regional helpers are grateful to have the support of the regional membership and our regional committee, allowing us to prioritize doing latihan and connecting with isolated members and with center members throughout the PNW. We had the pleasure to do latihan and share time in three area gatherings within the PNW region this Spring, and have hopes to visit others in coming months.

Subud Members in Southern Oregon

Our first gathering occurred on Thursday, March 28, at a comfortable Airbnb home in Medford, Oregon. Margarite Charney organized the gathering of 5 women and 2 men. Oswald and Rayma Norton joined her and others to share a meal that evening and do latihan together.
Before and during dinner some of us got to know each other and others reignited past friendships and acquaintances, sharing news of recent developments and changes in our lives.
After latihan, we enjoyed telling and hearing stories about our backgrounds and beginnings in Subud.

At the March gathering in Medford, OR. From left: Andre Allen, Nancy Bloom, Margarite Charney, Rayma Norton, I’lana Cotton, Angela Escamillas, and Oswald Norton

Subud Portland Kejiwaan Day

Subud Portland welcomed all the regional helpers for a weekend kejiwaan gathering April 13/14. Saturday afternoon was set aside for center and regional helpers to do latihan, talk and test about local needs and issues, and enjoy dinner provided by the Portland members.

On Sunday, everyone did latihan together at the regularly scheduled Portland group time, followed by some brief group testing. A potluck lunch gave us an opportunity to relax and chat. After lunch, a raffle organized by the Portland landscape committee helped raise funds for continued landscape beautification. Those who were able to stay afterwards did awakening testing or tested personal questions.

A huge thank you to the Portland helpers and committee for organizing this event and for making all the regional helpers feel welcome. If anyone took a photo, please help share in the next newsletter. It’d be great to see the many members together at Subud Portland on Sunday, April 14.

Subud Montana Gathering

Members from the greater Montana area came together in Kalispell, Montana, May 18-19, to meet regional helpers Halimah Brugger, Daniella Gleeson, and David Lynch. Halimah had coordinated arrangements for an Airbnb to accommodate latihans and time to gather, and brought cakes to share with coffee and tea and everyone there.

Athena Robel drove the 4 hours from Livingston, Montana. Her willingness to drive the carless helpers was a great help, allowing for transportation to Ann Brown’s spacious, comfortable movement center for latihan on Sunday morning.

Daniella visited three second-generation Subud families she has known since childhood, and Halimah enjoyed a Sunday afternoon visit with her to one of their homes. David played music with one of the men, a great upright string bass player!

The aftermath of their visit led one of the members in Montana to write a note of thanks to Halimah, saying “Thank you… your visit has rekindled something very beautiful and important to us all!”

Here are a few photos from Kalispell:

At the May gathering in Kalispell, MT. At left: David Lynch jams with Ryan; center: Athena Robel and Halimah Brugger; on right: Hadrian Hubbard, Daniella Gleeson, Kerala Hubbard.

Remember Call-in Latihans

If any member in the region, living in isolation or simply feeling cut off from the nearest Subud group would like to join a call-in latihan, please see the website for listed times and contact one of the helpers to get the dial-in code. We welcome calls from members throughout the region and can be contacted as listed below:


Halimah Brugger

Margarite Charney

Daniella Gleeson

Rayma Norton



David Lynch

Oswald Norton
425-221-1307 (cell)

Albert Palmeter
503-662-8202 (cell)

Regional Helpers hit the road in Spring, 2024!