Dear Members,

The International Congress in July will mark the end of the term for this group of regional helpers who have served you valiantly these past 4+ years.

Any Subud PNW helper who is interested in the position of Regional Helper for the Subud PNW region for the upcoming term (from international congress to the next international congress) can pre-test with their local Helpers if it is correct to put their name forward for testing at our National Congress at the Sheraton Portland Airport, June 27 – July 1.

Duties and responsibilities of regional helpers:

· Communicating with and helping to develop your regional helper dewan

· Visiting local Centers

· Interacting with the local helpers and assisting them as needed.

· Performing periodic testing sessions with the local helpers for purposes of helper improvement, helper dewan harmony, and to understand the needs of the group and the members.

· Participating in regional helper development testing

· Interacting with the national helpers

· Assisting the regional committee

· Contacting and care of regional members

· Scheduling and planning regional kejiwaan gatherings, mini gatherings, and helper gatherings conducting the kejiwaan sessions at regional congresses.

· Compiling reports for the national helpers on the state of the groups and the work of the local helpers

· Conducting the testing for regional chair and other positions as called for in the bylaws

· Overseeing the selection and testing of new helpers and regional helpers

It is recommended that those willing to fulfil these rolls pretest the following question with their local helpers:

“Should (name) put her/his name forward to test for regional helper for the coming term?”

Call for Regional Helpers