Wow, as I write this, it’s already the middle of May and the June 1st “Early Bird” registration deadline for the Crescent Beach Family Gathering, south of Vancouver, BC, is just around the corner. Take advantage of the lower overnight registration rates.

 Or, maybe, you are planning on coming during the day?

Either way, early registration will really help the organizing team in its planning.

 Registrations are coming in and a number of folks have asked about the possibility of a single room?  All of the rooms have a minimum of two single beds, but there will be a limited number available for single occupancy, so that you can have a room to yourself. These will be allocated on a “first come/first served” basis, so you really need to get your registration in soon if you want one of these rooms.

 On-line registration is very simple. Here is the link to the registration package that contains information about the gathering and instructions about on-line registering. If you would prefer to print out the form and mail it with a cheque, you can do that.

 Thank you again to Subud Vancouver for their generous donation of $2,000 this year to the Western Region, to help make gatherings more affordable for more folks. Please remember that financial assistance is available.Just get in touch with me.

 Like many of you, I have fond memories of last year’s gathering at Crescent Beach. Here are some more of the comments about what folks enjoyed:

  • “Seeing people, especially from outside the Lower Mainland.”
  • “Hanging out and socializing”.
  • “The ease and flow of it all.”
  • “Hearing about Subud from many perspectives”
  • “Being able to do latihan and participate in workshops/circles/informal socialization in a convenient, beautiful place.”
  • “The Crescent Beach weekend was wonderful! The weather, the location, the setting, the latihans, the testing, the entertainment and the sharing were fabulous!!”

 A number of folks have told me recently that they are planning on coming to this year’s gathering, so please don’t procrastinate, complete your registration today! You won’t regret it!!


Dave Hitchcock

Western Regional Chair


Tel: (250) 370 1291