Pictured above left to right are Mahmud Nestman, Myriam Ramsey, Suzanne Renna and Sjarifruddin Harris

Friday, Jan. 12 – Subud Greater Seattle – Eastside facility

  • Group Dinner with Subud Members
  • Attending latihan 8 pm Friday evening

Saturday, Jan. 13 – Bellingham/Skagit Valley

  • Will drive up from Bellevue, WA Saturday morning
  • Group activities still to be decided by the group

Sunday, Jan. 14 – Subud Greater Seattle Subud House 

  • Attending morning 11 am. latihan
  • Group Potluck – please bring a dish to share
  • Group Activities with the IH team

Monday, Jan 15/16 – Portland Subud House

  • Attending Monday Evening 8 pm. latihan and Tuesday 1 pm latihans
  • Group Activities with the IH team after

Suggested Content for the visit:

– Visits to groups have worked well when given time to meet with just helpers and time to meet with the whole membership.
– Having regional helpers and national helpers accompany us when possible has been a real gift.
– We also suggest a time to meet with the Regional helpers/ and national helpers if they would like. But any schedule you feel is best for your area is fine with us.
– We don’t plan the content but just let any testing or topics arise.
– If you or your members have anything specific you would like to share, please let us know.  Otherwise, we can share our visits and communications from Ibu, the work on the new helpers guide and world congress information.
International Helpers Visit PNW