The minutes from the November 8, 2017, Regional Dewan Meeting are now up. CLICK HERE to read them. An excerpt:

Skagit Valley Michael thanked the Regional Helpers for coming to kejiwaan day in Skagit Valley last Sunday, November 5th.  It was very productive. The group is having an issue about location of their Subud House; they are trying to address finding a more convenient place for everybody from the north part of Washington State.  They will be setting up criteria to find out what their group needs. The business meeting for the Skagit Valley group will take place next month; no date has yet been set.  They are waiting for Marius Hibbard to get back from Europe.  He needs to be at that business meeting.  The group will be doing the Bird Walk; it will be organized by different people.  Paul Woodcock will be doing the legwork.  Michael will be taking more control over the kitchen.  Roosmiwati Reynolds will take over registration and Julia Hurd, who just came back from Europe, will be doing the promotion for it.  Invitation cards will be sent out to Centers by snail mail.  Registration can be done on line. Michael reported that the group has had half of the necessary work done on their house.  They have new gutters and the house has been winterized.  The windows will be replaced in the Spring. Michael mentioned that Subud Skagit Valley is a small group, some of the members are often away, so it is really nice for them when people come to visit.  Paul Woodcock was the only person from their group who would be going to Menucha.

Nov 8 Regional Dewan Meeting Minutes