From Lucas Boladian:


Subud USA Chair Lucas Boladian

As I am writing this message, we are experiencing the aftermath of another extreme weather pattern, this time being the California fires. After speaking with several Subud members in the area of the fires, I have to report that some of our members have suffered loss of property. There is a recent update from Subud California later in this newsletter. As we continue to monitor the situation, we offer our thoughts and prayers for all our Subud brothers and sisters affected.
I would like to bring some personnel changes to your attention:

  •  Due to time commitments, Julia Hurd will step out of her role as Vice Chair and into that of a special advisor to the Committee, where she will support our team, as she can, on the newsletter and special projects.  Philip Lindstrom, Subud USA Secretary, was tested positively by the National Helpers present at the Menucha Gathering. As required by our Bylaws, the Board of Directors had to vote to accept the results of the National Helper testing. I am pleased to report that their vote was unanimously favorable. Consequently, Philip Lindstrom is now officially the Subud USA Vice Chair. READ MORE