Subud Vancouer NewsletterThe Subud Vancouver Newsletter sent by Lester Sutherland includes this tidbit from Subud Greater Seattle’s Halstein Stralberg:

The story below is taken from a book entitled An Extraordinary Man – Stories of Subud members’ Experiences of Bapak. The book is available at Subud Publications International at

“I [Halstein Stralberg] went to have an interview with Bapak in Oslo, mainly because everyone else was doing it, and I thought I would ask him some questions.

One question that I asked him about was reincarnation. The question was, “Have we been on this earth before?” And he said, “Many times, but this is the last time, because now your soul has been awakened.”

I said, “Is that true for all Subud members?” He said, “Yes. All of you.” “

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Subud Vancouver Newsletter