7.9.16 - Elias Dumit
7.9.16 – Elias Dumit

At the Subud USA National Congress in Indianapolis back in July 2016, WSA Chair Elias Dumit said Subud is in a transition moment. We need to be mature and need to get a very clear direction, so that we have a plan to follow, including longer term plans and stability to assure Subud’s future.

He presented a brief presentation sent by WSA Chief Executive Ismana Schulze-Voberg about the next world congress in Freiburg, in Germany’s Black Forest, on the border of France and near Switzerland, July 28 through August 8, 2018. No down payment will be needed for the Congress venue and public transportation will only cost one Euro a day, and other concessions will be made to Subud members attending the Congress. This presentation can be forwarded as a pdf. Here is a sample with the wrong dates:

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Freiburg World Congress 2018