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10:55 PM (7 hours ago)

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Ibu Rahayu

Dear Brothers and Sisters

We have received notes from a talk that Ibu Rahayu gave and also questions tested with the men’s group.

We want to thank Matthew for making these available to us.

Marcella’s son Matthew is at Wisma Subud for Ramadan. Here is some news from him:

Ibu Rahayu at nearly 90 years old made the long trip from her home in Pamulang to Wisma Subud to give to do testing and give a talk last night, the 27th night of Ramadan (the 4th night of power) and the night before Bapak’s birthday.

Men and women were separated. This is what I remember for the men (for the women it may have been slightly different)…

My experience of the test questions is that they were very advanced compared to previous years.

I’m not sure if the talk will be made available. Here are highlights that I recall (and of course others may remember it another way – please feel free to add or correct).

In her usual light and loving way, Ibu was very clear in her message to us:

• We are personally responsible for making the effort necessary to improve our character. God will not make the effort for us. Latihan 2 times a week is not enough.

• The latihan is with us in every moment, ready to be fully integrated into our daily lives as Bapak advised us — but we do not make a space for it.

• If we truly wish to become good people God will help us.

• There is the possibility that Subud goes the way of the world’s great religions, where the connection to the power of Almighty God was lost after the prophet who received it died.

• This may be the last opportunity (generally speaking) for her to advise us.

The emphasis was on personal responsibility – correcting our own behavior and really putting the latihan into practice.

The test questions were asked and the reality received for many minutes before going on to the next. Some of the questions were very long and wide in scope. They are paraphrased here:

1. Receive: Allah hu akbar

2. Show the proof, the reality and verify for yourself, what does the latihan do when you identify mistakes in your character, and how does it work to improve your condition, state and character

3. Show the reality and verify for yourself what effect this fast of Ramadan had on the souls of your ancestors who’ve passed away.

4. Show, experience the reality and verify for yourself what effect the fast of Ramadan has had on you.

A few hours later in honor of Bapak’s birthday we joined the world latihan at 4:40am and 5am respectively here in two locations, Wisma Subud and Bapak’s old house where Ibu Rahayu lives. She did latihan with the ladies simultaneously to the men.

Please forgive me for anything I’ve left out or got wrong.


Notes from Ibu