The Pacific Northwest Regional Helpers invite you to our annual PNW Kedjiwaan retreat at the Menucha conference center, located twenty minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. November 9-12, 2017.

We have designed this year’s gathering with the shape of the circle in mind: with a Friday opening circle in the morning where we can share and listen to each other’s spiritual journeys, and a Sunday closing circle for sharing our experience of the weekend. Saturday will be the “center point” of the weekend, with more time set aside for kedjiwaan activities, such as testing how each of us put the latihan into practice in our lives—or any other topics that emerge.

As with previous PNW Kedjiwaan gatherings at Menucha, most all “content” is “user generated”—if you have a talent, a project, or a skill to share there’s a glorious gift shop and titillating talent night to contribute to—and plenty of rooms to dance and sing and slouch with your friends inside.

We hope to see you at this beloved event! If you can make it, we strongly suggest attending all three days to receive the full experience.

Additionally, the Pacific Northwest Regional Helpers are still looking for one more woman helper to join our ranks—even the willingness to test to test (not a typo) for this position is appreciated!

God bless!

Your PNW Regional Helpers

—Elizabeth Flanders, Isadora Roth, Elisha Gullixson, Oswald Norton, Benjamin Boyce*

We are also delighted to welcome Margarite Charney and Beata Alexander as supporting Regional Helpers for this year’s event.

 How much does Menucha cost? Check the rates here

When you register, please consider making a donation to the Assistance Fund so that those who need assistance can share this wonderful weekend with us.

Questions? email us .


Menucha Registration is Open

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