From Robert Mertens, Chair of Subud California

Dear Fellow Regional Chairs ,

Subud California at Walnut Creek started an initiative ths summer to send food to members of the Subud Center in Caracas, Venezuela. In leading the way on this, their members have shown that a small center can have a really big impact.

They are now raising funds for another shipment. In addition to inviting support from California centers, they would like to invite Subud centers from other regions to contribute to this important cause. The details are described in this letter from Henrietta Haines. I hope you may be moved to forward this letter on to your Centers to invite them to participate.

Love and blessings,



Dear Brothers and Sisters

We are about to send a second shipment of food to Venezuela, which continues to experience extreme food shortages. Subud members there are suffering from the inability to afford the food available on the black market. The Walnut Creek Center collected money to send a first shipment of food to the Subud Caracas (read the story here). When the food arrived Caracas, the group held a Salamatan to celebrate the kindness of the brothers and sisters in California.

At the California Regional Congress in August, members were able to meet Walnut Creek’s newest member, who is from Caracas. Many were moved by her situation, and made donations toward another shipment (read the story here).

In the first shipment, we sent over 500 pounds of rice, beans and corn flour, to be distributed to 22 families. We buy it online and it is shipped from Miami to Venezuela by ocean freighter. Because we are shipping only food, the transportation company gives us a deeply discounted rate. We are so grateful to them.

We are now planning a shipment which we hope to send in time for Christmas. Because it takes about a month to get from Miami to Caracas we will have to send it mid-November. We are hoping to include a few festive food items in this shipment to make Christmas a bit more merry and bright.

If you would like to contribute, please join us – any amount makes a difference. Checks should be made out to Subud Walnut Creek and sent to Rahima Warren, 3270 Theresa Lane, Lafayette, CA 94549.

With thanks on behalf of the Venezuela Food Project

Henrietta Haines,

Subud California at Walnut Creek

A Gift of Love

Helping Subud Caracas