Subud Connect is the new E-Magazine from the World Subud Association. Elias Dumit : WSA Chair says:

Welcome to the first issue of Connect – the World Subud Association e-maga – zine. As our official vehicle, its aim is to present what Subud is about, what we support and encourage. Indeed, the latihan kejiwaan came to the world as a gift to humankind through Bapak. We have been fortunate enough to receive this legacy which is the lati – han, accompanied by Bapak´s words, his example and all the evidence of his life here amongst us. We aim to gradually appreciate the meaning of this legacy and, with honor, accept the duty of gratitude to convey it to the future generations. That is why we have an organization in this world around a spiritual experience…

Find MUCH other information, about how the next World Congress came to be in Frieberg, Germany, and a spotlight on longtime WSA Chair and author Varindra Vittachi HERE.

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New WSA E-Zine
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