At the March 14, 2018, Subud Pacific Northwest Regional Dewan Meeting, a discussion of how and who to reimburse for attendance at the National Congress included this exchange:

Aaron thought that anybody who needed to be reimbursed for their expenses should just apply for them by the usual procedure. Sherwin thought that was too wide open but Aaron stated that was just what he thought. Elizabeth stated that if we are there to do work, either as a helper or a committee person and can‘t afford to pay for it then we need to be reimbursed; she stated it was a no-brainer to her. Sherwin said he could see a person coming from a center who is not a helper coming as a delegate and expecting the Region to reimburse them and that’s not happened in the past. Aaron repeated there is a protocol which really outlined that and Aaron can’t find it right now – it defines responsibilities of the Centers whose first responsibility is to support the members they are sending as delegates and, if they don’t – Camille asked if this was in the bylaws and Aaron stated that it was not, it was a protocol (official procedure or system) that was discussed and voted on. Michael said that it seemed to him that the registration forms for the Regional and National Congress stated that there was a 15% reduction in rates for delegates, etc. That is already there so “that would be the one deduction we are looking at for people like myself and my wife, who are delegates. If I remember correctly” – Elizabeth broke in at this point and cried out: “I found it! Yay!”



Reimbursement for Delegates Attending the National Congress