Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we all do our best to navigate this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, we are aware that some of our Subud brothers and sisters are in urgent need of financial support.

Today, we want to announce that Subud USA will allocate additional money to our Care Support fund, and we are reaching out to ask that you also consider contributing.

Indeed, in the wake of mass business closures and stock market declines, many of us are feeling financially vulnerable. Rest assured that donations to this fund in any amount will be most welcome and appreciated.

You may make your donation here.

Learn more about the Care Support Fund – what it is, who it serves, and how it works- here.

To our brothers and sisters who are in urgent need of financial assistance, you may apply here.

We are grateful for our Subud community, and for the gift of the latihan, which keeps us connected to Almighty God and to one another in these stressful times. Together, we will find the strength and support to weather this storm.

Thank you in advance,



Lucas  Boladian                          Philip Lindstrom

Chair, Subud USA                       Vice Chair, Subud USA


*Talk # 9 From “Bapak’s Talks Volume 22”, The Complete Recorded Talks Of Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo

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Subud USA Care Support