Your regional committee has $2,000 invested in Menucha this year as it is a cherished Kedjiwaan event that has happened for 30 years in a row, BUT social distancing to help prevent further spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making the likelihood of November’s gathering uncertain.

When asked about procedures to ensure best prevention practices for this year’s planned Subud gathering, Menucha’s Guest Services Coordinator replied:

Hi Paul,

In all honesty, that’s hard for me to answer right now.  As you know, the situation has changed drastically, so quickly.  Most of the Menucha staff have been working from home for 4-5 weeks, with Menucha’s doors closed until 6/1 at the very earliest, very possibly longer.  At this point, we don’t yet know what “re-opened Menucha” will look like, and what changes will be in place.

Please rest assured, that the safety of our staff and guests, will be our greatest priority.  Before we closed in March, we had increased sanitation on “high touch” surfaces, hand sanitizer available, were strongly encouraging all staff with any symptoms to stay home, had increased spacing in the dining room, and encouraged lower occupancy in bedrooms.  How this all looks in November, is too soon to tell.  We will continue to have conversations and make adjustments, as we have more information about re-opening.

I hope this is helpful.  We’ll stay in touch as your event nears.

Mary Anne Meyn
Guest Services Coordinator

We’ll soon be sending out a survey so we can make a decision that is informed by membership and likely attendees. We are also planning an open Zoom call, so dedicated Menucha fans can chime in about what would be the best way to proceed with this beloved annual event. Thanks for reading.


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