Below find the Agenda and the minutes of the previous business meeting on April 4, 2017. As usual the meeting will be held along with or shortly after a potluck lunch to take place after latihan.

You will note that I put ??? for new business on the copy of the agenda below. If anyone has any new business, please contact me and I will fill it in.
Serena for the committee

June 11, 2017

MEETING AGENDA: Bellingham-SV Group

Approve April 2, 2017 Meeting minutes (attached)
Treasurer’s report — Rosalyn
Ask for Announcements
Regional and other news [Michael]
“Great Create” August 2017 Register at Subud USA web site
Helpers report
Old Business
Rosalyn’s report on Estimates
Report on Work Day Results

New Business

Set date for next event

Minutes of Subud PNW at B-SV Meeting

April 2, 2017

Present: Serena and Michael DuBois, Rosalyn Neel, Paul and Nadia Woodcock, Roosmiwati Reynolds and Aliza Albornez

Meeting called to order by chair Michael with a few minutes of quiet.

Minutes of the January 8, 2017 meeting were approved by the members.

Treasurer’s Report: [Rosalyn Neel, Treasurer]: Attached to minutes. Started year with $6787.91. During the quarter we took in $2320.00 and expenses for quarter $2096.73, so we came out ahead with $7011.18. She found a 2008 sheet with under $2000 in the bank in September of that year.

Announcements: Regional News [chair]: Great Create: Last weekend in August 24-27th this year. Going to be scholarships. Go on line on Subud PNW for info about it and then to Subud USA for registration.

National kedjiwaan Congress in Maryland on 4th of July weekend. 

Roosmiwati spoke with Luciana who is going through tests for her balance. Not driving at present but otherwise doing well.

Helpers Report: Rosalyn spent last Thursday with Helaine B. They shopped together. She has day care a couple days a week for Rayner who has been worse recently. Nadia mentioned Elderberry, which can help people get to latihan or have it brought to them. Aliza brought up funeral needs with Helaine after she said that he didn’t want to get up.

Old Business: Wrap-up of Bird Walk. Made almost $700. No decision as to whether we have one next year until late in the year, so it can be announced at Menucha. Michael gave report on PNW Board meeting. Marius Hibbard is new regional Vice Chair. Various groups gave reports and the necessary physical meeting was held

New Business:

House Work: Need to get three estimates on the various jobs to be done on the house. One done who disagreed with Marius Harold on house and nothing came from it. Serena suggested Angie’s List on the computer, which vets local people. There is also in the paper, called Pick A Pro. We should make a list of what we should ask the pros:

1. Window sill repair. 2. Door going into garage. 3. Back porch roof. 4. Gutters.

Upcoming meetings: Kedjiwaan Day on May 7th, place to be decided later. Business meeting and potluck at Subud House on June 4th.

Meeting is adjourned.


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