(Hi all, This came from a friend in Indonesia. The equivalent time in California would be 3pm on June 21, if I’m not mistaken. Best, Raphaela Riparetti)

Dear Subud brothers and sisters around the globe,

Let us come together to have a very special Latihan Kejiwaan  simultaneously around the globe at 5 am Jakarta, Indonesia time on June 22. It was the day and time when YM Bapak Subuh was born in Indonesia. (3pm on Wednesday, June 21 PDT.)
So what we need to do is to mark your calendar on June 22. (3pm, Wednesday, June 21 on the West Coast of North America.) And to match the clock between Indonesia and your location is by visiting this link https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20170606T130000&p1=108&p2=179
Spread the word please. Have a wonderful one! 🙂
Latihan on Bapak’s Birthday, June 22 (June 21 Our Time)