Subud Portland’s Susila Dharma team will be hosting a Cinco de Mayo potluck at the Subud House on Sunday, May 7th, at 5pm. This will be a fundraiser for our annual Portland Matching Fund for Susila Dharma USA. Every year, we play a big part in helping to fund the projects supported by SD-USA, and with your help we can do it again.  We will be celebrating the “South of the Border” projects receiving grants from SD-USA, such as Foundation Amanecer in Colombia, Fuegos in Ecuador, and Casa Cuna and Usaha Mulia Abadi in Mexico.

There will be a raffle, so think of what special/new/choice item you can donate.  If you don’t have an item, you are welcome to offer a service, or make some jam, or bake something delicious!

For the potluck meal, Mexican themed foods are recommended, but all food to share is welcome.  Some suggestions:  Pollo,  Carnitas, Tamale Pie, Tamales, Quesadillas, Salsa or Guacamole with Chips, Salads, and of course, Desserts.

No time for a siesta, come join the fiesta!  Cinco de Mayo decorations, mariachi music, and whatever fun activities evolve spontaneously. A twirl or two around the floor to the music? Charades? Bring your silly selves and a good time will be had by all!

With love and gratitude for our wonderful members who make the Subud Portland/SD USA Match happen every year!

Your tres amigas,

Leana, Maria, and Marilyn

Cinco de Mayo Potluck and Raffle – May 7th @ 5pm