The minutes for the May 9, 2018, SPNW Dewan are now posted. Here is an excerpt:

Subud Portland

Reynold reported the Portland group had a meeting three days ago. That was his first meeting as Interim Chairman. Michael Clemes had been tested in a month ago and he thought he might be able to take over in the Fall but he wants to retest. So, as Chairman, for now, Reynold feels strongly about separating functions of Committee and Helpers so he is stepping down as a helper and he also insists that Committee people are not helpers so they are actively looking for a new Treasurer who is not a helper. Also, Marilyn Schirk will continue as Secretary with minutes only but not a full committee member and Ron Leash as Vice Chair.

Hermine Berenger will be liaison between the Portland group and the National Congress members, helping with things Portland can do, transportation, that kind of thing. Portland raised a lot of money for SD lately and got New York to match it. They had a silent auction and raised something like $1600. They are doing well with Susila Dharma, largely thanks to Marilyn. They sent $2000 off for an international travel fund for third world countries. Marius Harold was very impressed with what the need was for Cuba. And, apparently 14 members from Portland are going to the National Congress and only one or two need funding.


Dewan Meeting Minutes for May 9, 2018