Subud PNW Conference Call Board Meeting January 7, 2017

Members Present: Aaron Mann, Chairman PNW, Sherwin O’Bar, Treasurer, Lydia Tedrow, Secretary, Oswald Norton, Isadora Roth, Regional Helper Liaison, Camille Hofvendahl, Chairperson Subud Portland, Ramon, Subud Seattle, Michael DuBois, Skagit Valley.

Reading of minutes of last meeting: The minutes of the last meeting needed correction. Date of the meeting was wrong; it was December 14th. Isadora was on that call, not Elizabeth Flanders. The minutes were approved with corrections…


Ramon reported that Seattle is having a general meeting at the end of the month during which an new chair and a new committee will be elected. The year was wrapped up with a shortfall of about $4,000. Seattle is about to draw up and sign another contract with the independent contractor that does the Airb&b Rentals. The shortfall was due primarily because Seattle spent about $12,000 repairing an upstairs bathroom. “Crash doors” were installed; strips were put on the insides of the doors so that people could get out in a hurry. Also, plumbers will be coming in towards the end of January and that agreement, for $10,000 is signed. An initial one third deposit was made; Seattle has three months to pay… READ MORE

January Regional Dewan Meeting Minutes