Present: Serena and Michael DuBois, Nadia and Paul Woodcock, Julia Hurd, Marius Hibbard, Luther Schutz, Roosmiwati Reynolds, Rosalyn Neel and Robina Page.

Meeting called to order by chair Michael DuBois with a few minutes of quiet.

Minutes of the April 2, 2017 meeting were approved by the members as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Rosalyn Neel: End of May we had $7324.74. In June she paid everything needed except Skagit PUD which is around $70. Paid SD $300, Subud PNW $1500 ($900 on house loan, $600 on pledge) quarterly payment. We now have $5364.81. Insurance has been paid for first half of year, $385.50 on April 19th. Last month’s deposit was $400. Region gets figures quarterly, next at end of July.

Announcements: Luciana Blackburn is possibly coming this summer. Luther’s daughter is having a baby this summer.

Regional News [chair]: Michael: Another phone conference this Wednesday. Biggest thing up currently is Great Create. Register on line Subud USA. Dates are Thursday, August 24th to Sunday the 27th. Several ways to get to Pilgrim Firs were given.

Helpers Report: Paul, Luther and Elisha Gullixson came to Roosmiwati’s house and did latihan with Icsan. Roosmiwati has been in contact with Helaine. Helaine was by the Subud house, visited with Rosalyn and picked up several items.

Old Business: Rosalyn met with one contractor this week, highly recommended by her previous landlady’s son, Jeff. He is working up an estimate for the windows. All south side windows need to be done. The contractor won’t touch the garage door, too many questions re asbestos and very expensive. The big garage door came from Marius. Contractor looked at back porch. Needs a cap on the gutter along the house and a downspout that takes it to the ground or other gutter; that would solve the problem. We would have to get a gutter estimate from a person who does this. May need new gutters. Written estimate is coming from the first contractor. She has appointment Monday at 6 PM with another person, Antonio, also recommended by Jeff. Discussion re asbestos shingles on garage followed. She also called the man Brent recommended who told her his business partner does estimates.

Rosalyn: Caulking around bottom of toilet is off and possibly causing leaking. Paul said that if it was sealed and the problem was in the toilet it could cause the floor to rot. Re the work on the windows etc.: It was decided to tell the Region how much and see if they will pay for the whole amount. The group will get an update from Rosalyn on contractors in an ad hoc meeting after latihan later this month or early next.

Michael found a free place to dispose of yard waste. Robina will get materials to steam clean rugs, and Nadia will do the cleaning.

New Business: Subud House Survey: Group discussed it and Nadia filled out the form that Serena provided. Serena will put it on line.

Upcoming meetings: Kedjiwaan Gathering, July 9th at Marius Hibbard’s house. Next business meeting to be decided later. With this decision, meeting was adjourned.

Minutes of Subud PNW at B-SV Meeting June 11, 2016