20160707_095421At the 2016 Subud USA National Congress in Indianapolis, Indiana, a new slate of officers was tested (in inimitable Subud fashion) and elected to serve for the term beginning in July 2016 and running until the next National Congress in 2018. Elected were: Mary Wold, Subud USA Chair, Lucas Boladian, Vice-Chair,

May Wold Subud USA Chair
Mary Wold Subud USA Chair
Lucas Boladian Subud USA Vice-Chair
Lucas Boladian Subud USA Vice-Chair
Susannah Rosenthal
Susannah Rosenthal, Subud Enterprise Services

Susannah Rosenthal Subud Enterprise Services Chair

Elaine McCartin and Bakhtair Bustillo were named Co-Chairs of Subud Youth Association.

New Subud USA Board
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