Join Us Tonight (4.21.16) for Regional Call-In Latihan

There will be one regional helper present for the men and one for the women during each Regional Latihan.  Testing can be requested, and we ask that members give the regional helpers one week’s notice to arrange for other regional helpers to be present.

Regional Latihans will are offered twice per month on the 1st Monday and 3rd Thursday of every month.

Call-in information 
Quiet will begin at 7:30 with latihan at 7:45 pm.Date:
Thursday April 21

Women – please call 1-605-475-6333  and use access code 9792773
Men – please call 1-605-475-5950 and use access code 2748113

We look forward to serving our Subud brothers and sisters of the Pacific Northwest.

Regional Helpers
Beata Alexander: Beata822@aol.com503-709-9707 (cell)
Elizabeth Flanders: flanderseliz@yahoo.com360-665-4600 (home) 360-244-5020 (cell)
Isadora Roth: 

Michael Alexander: cgym@mac.com503-705-0718 (cell)
Elisha Gullixson:;  425-466-2089 (cell)
Benjamin Boyce: 

Regional Latihan