Now it’s time to meet the Tactile Artists:Artists:
The Sculptors, Ceramicists, and Jewelers:

SICA-USA is now honoring six more artists who are contributing their work to the First Annual Online Silent Auction currently up and running through July 17. Our purpose is two-fold: to raise money to expand our SICA Grants Program which benefits Subud Cultural Projects, and to showcase the amazing spectrum of the Subud Cultural/Artistic Community.

Connie Cheifetz

Connie creates intimate sculptures and other amazing functional work. Each piece is hand formed from slabs, pinching, or coils. Then she applies finishing textures by carving, slip trailing, and stamping. Her creations are mid-range stoneware and porcelain with Cone 6 oxidation finishes. Connie is offering two ceramic pieces: Oceanside Snack Plate, a hand-carved plate created in 2021; and Seaside Rattle, a whimsical hand-carved piece.

Roland Evans

Roland is a therapist practicing in Boulder, Colorado; he lives in the foothills and is an avid high-altitude gardener, but his primary creative interest is wood-turning. He turns small bowls, cups and plates using a wide variety of wood species. Roland is offering four pieces that he made during the pandemic lock down in 2020: Hand-turned Applewood Dish; Ribbed Maplewood Bowl; a 6” Shallow Dish; and a Spiral Lip Bowl.

Julio Fernandez

Julio is a Cuban-born artist who has worked in ceramics and painting for more than 20 years, currently living in Albuquerque. He’s had many collective plus personal exhibitions though out New Mexico. He is offering a high fire clay ceramic piece with glazes, entitled Fountain of Life.

Damon Hyldreth

Damon Hyldreth has been creating and exhibiting sculpture for over 30 years. His sculptures in metal are flowing forms that defy the heaviness of the material from which they are created and draw upon the multi- faceted forces of nature. They embody delicate meeting points between elemental forces and man-made creation, balancing stasis with movement, both present and future timeframes, both positive and negative space. He works in bronze, stainless steel, painted and corten steel. His pieces have been commissioned for private, corporate, public, hospital, and hospitality environments in cities throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. He is currently represented in the USA by Aerena Galleries, MAC Galleries, the Gardner Colby Gallery, and the Kostiuk Gallery in Canada. He is offering a wall-mounted sculptures entitled Knot 91A.

Darlene Olds

Darlene has been a creative potter since the early 1990’s, displaying her work at juried shows as well as online. She is offering a Lidded Casserole with two quarts capacity produced in 2023, glazed in earth-tones with a deep blue interior.

Stella Hovis

Stella graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in drawing and printmaking. She owned an antique furniture restoration business for 12 years focusing on gilding, lacquer work and fancy finishes. About ten years ago she was reminded of her childhood dream to be a jeweler. Now she is working in silver, gold and precious stones. She is offering a Sterling Silver pendant created in 2023.

SICA-USA Online Art Auction – week 5