How Leadership Happens in Subud (From Subud California)
Two of our current Subud CA leaders take a moment below to share their thoughts about the elections happening at our Regional Congress in July. Read their very personal perspectives and be inspired about how we do things in Subud!

As a reminder, we are gathering at Sonoma State University on July 19-22. The cost of Congress registration goes up by 25% on June 26, so make your plans now! Get information on lodging, schedule, pricing and more at

Taking the Chair
a message from Robert Mertens:

I’ve been asked to write something about my experiences of being chair of Subud California to pay forward some of what I may have learned.

I will be stepping down at our Regional Congress after 2 terms, and we will need a new chair. I can recommend the role of chair in Subud California.

How it Happens

I became chair at our congress in 2015 when Renata Reid was retiring. READ MORE

Testing for Roles
an invitation from Rifka Several

A very real application of putting our latihan into practice will take place at the Subud California Regional Congress this July, in the election process for our new Chair, Vice Chair, and Congress Chair.

What’s the Process?

Candidates will be asked to state their qualifications to serve in these positions, and then it is up to the regional helpers and all of us to witness their receivings on questions showing their ability to perform the duties. My experience is that the “witnessing” is actually done from the inner, which can recognize a strong and harmonious receiving. READ MORE

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