New dates – The WSA, International Helpers, and World Congress Organizing Team agreed on the new dates for the World Congress to be the first two weeks of January 2024. This is largely due to the preferred weather and holiday time for most members in different hemispheres. If it was held in June/July, the timing would not necessarily benefit school children in Northern Hemisphere and it would be very close to high smoke/fire season in Kalimantan.
Please feel free to distribute these new dates to your members. The full WSC has a meeting this Saturday, August 29 where the WSA Directors will advise them of the new dates.
WSA Officer Terms – The WSA Chair, Nahum, has agreed to continue his term until the World Congress, when the Chair position needs to be tested. His Deputy Chair, Executive Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are willing to continue until then as well to ensure continuity of our work. As you know, the Zone Representatives can be tested either at World Congress or at a Zone Meeting.

(An earlier email from the World Subud Association):


We are grateful for the attention and support that Ibu Siti Rahayu has provided us,
especially during the Pandemic. She had shown concern and care for the safety and
well-being of the worldwide Subud members, which are the grassroots of our Subud
democracy. Let us pray that God Almighty always grant her good health and
blessings, and she may continue to be a presence in our Subud work.

Following Ibu’s statement regarding the timing of the next World Subud Congress, a
message was sent on August 5, addressed to Isti and myself. With the permission of
Ibu’s office, I am sharing with you the content of her email.

In the message attached, Ibu conveyed a recommendation, that I will bring forward
to the next WSA BoD’s meeting held on August 22, 2020. For those who are keen
to know about the timing of the upcoming World Subud Congress in Kalimantan,
please remain calm and allow the council members to complete the decision… READ MORE.

World Congress to be Rescheduled
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