OK, six days late to celebrate Earth Day, but members of Subud Greater Seattle gathered after Latihan on Sunday, April 28 and weeded, took junk to the dump and generally made the outside of the house look better. Being a good neighbor in the Squire Park area is also good outreach. When neighbors pass by and see Subud people working, enjoying themselves and improving their house and the neighborhood, it can only help create awareness of Subud in the minds of locals. It surely helps visibility and is a testament to the energy brought in by new Chair Jim O’Halloran. Here are some photos taken by your humble narrator:

Oswald Norton seeks to eradicate every last root of the locust tree that cost SGS $20K in plumbing bills
SGS Secretary Ramon, Leandra and Head Gardener Lucinda O’Halloran
Rayma Norton
Squatting Bhakti Watts
The SGS Chair, Jim O’Halloran and the Head Gardener Lucinda O’Halloran
Ramon and Leandra get ready to haul away debris that had been rusting behind the house for a few years.


Every Day is Earth Day (SGS Gardening Day)