Sisters and Brothers,

We are planning to hold the social Zoom on the 4th-Sunday 12:30, which falls in 12/25. We will send out a link near the date. In January we’re also planning to get back to holding the 2nd Saturday social Zoom.

For those of you who did NOT go to Menucha, if you’ve time please shoot me an email explaining why. the SPNW Board, Menucha team, and I would like to hear, in case there’s anything we can do next year.

Philip Lindstrom, the Chair of Subud USA, has asked whether SPNW is interested in having, at Menucha in 2023, a combined national congress and kedjiwaan retreat. This would be held 10/26-30, although it could be extended one more day to ensure that national business did not overlap with kedjiwaan activities. The SPNW Board will consider this at our meeting this coming Monday evening.

Also at our Monday meeting, the Board will continue discussing the current strengths and weaknesses of SPNW, as a basis for making 1- and 3-year plans.



From the Chair