The long-awaited updated Subud Helpers Manual is out and was selling at the recent World Congress in Freiburg for 10 Euros. David Waxer has a copy and offered some thoughts about it on a list-serv which he agreed to share with Subud PNW members:

For me, I am grateful to have a copy of the new helpers manual. Here are a couple things in this that I find helpful

1 Bapak does not require somebody to actually believe in God or make a statement to that effect.
2. there is a statement by Bapak for new people to read (not recited, just that they read it) before the opening in which he describes the purpose of the latihan.
3 there’s the statement to be read by the helpers to the applicant. and Ibu writes that those words should not be modified.
4. Ibu is quoted to say that what is important is not what the candidate says but the state of the helpers.
5. I don’t see any statement that the candidate makes.

Blessings to all. I appreciate this forum and open discussion and sharing

David Waxer
Detroit, Michigan, usa

New Subud Helpers Manual