In May this year [2019] members of the group in Orgiva, S.Spain, who were observing the fast of Ramadan, invited other members to join them in a ‘Ramadan Retreat’. This was a great success and, as well as members from Spain, we had members from Turkey, USA, Senegal, France, UK, Germany, Australia, Austria, Colombia and Greece in a truly international gathering. In all, over the month, there were 22 members fasting together both from the group and visitors. This was possible thanks to the completion of the lovely new Subud Centre with the two large latihan halls and spacious social and dining areas – and terraces which hosted our meals together in the warm evenings. We were also able to offer accommodation very close to the halls and organise meals and outings together.

We will be organising a second gathering, open to all members, during the month of Ramadan in 2020 which runs from April 23 to May 23 [approximately!]. Members can come for all or a part of this time. This is a lovely time of the year and perfect for fasting; not too hot, and a time of fragrance when the air is so sweet from the multitudes of flowers which are everywhere, including the glorious wild meadow flowers of the beautiful surrounding snow-capped mountains [which offer magnificent walking opportunities].

Feedback from participants was unanimously positive. Here are some extracts:

‘This was a total package of a welcoming local group, beautiful surroundings, wonderful climate – a peaceful quiet setting for the Ramadan fast. Also great food and wonderful local attractions and activities available for those who want them.. Great little town nearby [Orgiva] with good restaurants within walking distance’

‘wonderful strong deep latihans’

‘This is a wonderful group that joyfully embraces visitors’

‘What a special way to share what you have built with the Orgiva community and what a special and rare offer to Subud people from around the world. I received the invitation and immediately replied’

‘the rhythm of shared meals and occasional group hikes and outings was perfect for me’

‘the accommodation was great, really nice. Have one’s own space and still be surrounded, was the perfect setting.’

‘A vibrant community has welcomed me, attended to my needs – respected my feelings – open discussions, tolerance for different views – kindness.’

‘ As someone who normally fasts on their own, I felt such gratitude to be able to be fasting together with Subud brothers and sisters from many countries – to experience the reality of one human family and to receive such a grace during the late night/early morning latihans on the ‘Nights of Power’ [alternate nights of the final 10 days of the Ramadan fast] ‘

Incidentally – for newer members, for whom the concept of fasting may seem strange, I can recommend checking out the many talks that Bapak gave about this interesting subject!

There will be a follow-up reminder nearer the time but if you would like to come or have any queries, please contact: Michael Alexander at: and for Whatsapp: +34 642 128 797

Hope to see you there!


Breaking fast together at O Sel Ling – the Buddhist Centre up in the mountains above Orgiva. Photo by Lillian Shulman

Ramadan in Orgiva 2020