A part of our congress business this year will be considering proposals from the membership.  We have five great proposals which are to be presented by different members.  These proposal are all intended to help our region to either become a stronger, more professional non-profit, or a more family and community friendly organization.

Proposal Description Presenter
Leadership Training for all local and regional committee positions Imagine what we could become as an organization, if the new committee chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary received in-depth training on how to take on their new rolls. Honora & Oswald Norton
Independent oversight Independent external oversight can secure and maintain membership trust in regional institutions and highlight shortcomings in internal operations. Aaron Mann
Term limits Board positions, either at the group level, regional or national level, should not be held longer than four consecutive years, with no less than four consecutive years between testing for those positions again Aaron Mann
Family friendly activities for Subud members How can we build a family friendly activity that would be held annually in this region Michael and Serena DuBois
Community outreach A series of small community outreach projects Nirel Jackson
Subud Pacific Northwest Congress Proposals