The Subud Pacific Northwest April 2018, Regional Dewan Meeting featured, as usual, Center reports, including:

Center Reports:
Reynold Orchard reported that Portland will have its first meeting in May. Plans for the roof repair are open for further discussion; they may put it off if volunteers can shovel the snow off the roof. The group is not as active as it has been in the past. They used to have a movie night and that is no longer happening so the group is looking for interesting activities to begin to have pleasant events again. Reynold stated he would have more information for the meeting in May.

Honora reported that the Seattle group had a general meeting. The group discussed holding events to feel connected to the general public as well as to Subud community. For example, an open mike will be held at her home to bring in the younger generation and they also plan to plant a Spring garden. Honora discussed again her plan for childcare for members with small children so parents can attend the latihans together rather than one parent staying home while the other attends the latihan. Some members of the group are planning to do some volunteer work, for instance, making sandwiches for the homeless…



Center Reports from April Dewan Meeting