Does Subud PNW need a financial audit, or should the individual centers pay for an audit? This was one of the topics of discussion at the February 2018 Regional Dewan Meeting. An excerpt:

Aaron asked Honora to repeat the question and she responded: “Is Subud Seattle going to be paying for the financial report/audit or is it going to be the Region? That’s the question.” Aaron stated he thought he had been told that the Audit was not going to happen. Honora said the membership had voted down specifically to have an audit taken by Ledger Pro. However they did vote and approved a financial review/financial report because we definitely want our finances to be transparent. People are just uncomfortable with the idea of a full blown audit. “I can’t tell you why”, she said. She repeated she was including the minutes from the General Meeting so the Regional Committee could see what people were talking about. Aaron asked if anyone had any comment about that. He then said he understood there would not be an official inspection of the organization’s accounts by any kind of body – he asked if that statement was correct.Honora said she thought a better question was – Seattle doesn’t know what is expected of them. The Committee got approval to take care of any kind of financial report or financial review. The membership did deny specifically an audit at this time with Ledger Pros. They didn’t deny an audit altogether. They denied an audit just with Ledger Pros. There is something about the contract people didn’t like. A lot of conversations happened before the meeting and people came, resolved pretty much and shared their opinions. It was a very long meeting and what came out of it was that no audit with Ledger Pro but an audit if we need one and we’re going to get a financial review if that’s something we need – from you guys. They don’t know what the Region expects or the National Committee. She would like some clarification on that.



Subud PNW Audits?