In order to allow delegates to our Subud PNW congress to read our proposal before the meeting, Honora and Oswald Norton are publishing it on the Subud PNW Website.

Proposal: Leadership Training for all local and regional committee positions.

Summary: Imagine what we could become as an organization, if the new committee chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary received in-depth training on how to take on their new rolls.

If you were that person, and instead of being left on your own to figure things out, you were guided to understand the duties, responsibilities and needs of the region instead of trying to figure things out on your own, would you feel more willing to take on this role?  Through this training, would you be able to more quickly carry on the duties and responsibilities you’ve agreed to perform?

Statement of Need: Our region consists of Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington states. We own 3 Subud houses, put on an annual Kedjiwaan event and are currently trying to have an annual family event. Our insurance and housing needs are complex and require a transfer of knowledge from one committee to the other.

The Subud Pacific Northwest Region chooses its leadership based on testing, not on skillset.  Other than what the individual receives in the testing and, possibly, some brief sessions with the former committee, the new chair and vice chair are left to their own devices.

This is a great opportunity for members willing to take on the work.  Through it they can learn how to be the chairman of a large organization, a functioning board, with assets and with challenges, which if met, provide that person with real experience in solving problems. Those who take on this work deserve more than being cast to the wind to figure things out.  They deserve our support, but more importantly, they deserve the training needed to do the work.

Project Activity, Methodology and Outcomes: We make a motion that a committee be formed, with a representative from each center, to do the following:

  1. Look at what type of standardized training areas would assist new chairs at the local and regional levels in being successful in their new roles.
  2. Determine what differences there might be between local and regional training.
  3. Develop the training subjects for each role and what the training needs to cover.
  4. Determine what costs might be required to make this training, or create the training materials for this program.
  5. Present reports on at least a quarterly basis to the board at their monthly board meetings.
  6. Make a proposal at the next business congress of Subud PNW in 2020.

Possible Outcomes:

  1. A change to our bylaws mandating this training be provided to all new regional and local committees.
  2. An agreement on the budget to be made available to create these Training Materials.
Subud PNW Congress Proposal: Leadership Training for all local and regional committee positions.