Halimah Collingwood, of Subud-Arcata, posted this on Facebook:

This is another article from Central London’s newsletter, “A Good Reed” about Testing for the next World Congress 2022.

So we sat in our seats, members behind the delegates watching the presentations from Colombia, Melbourne Australia, and Kalimantan Indonesia. The Colombian presentation showed Colombian culture, films of cities and wonderful scenery, it ended with a lively demonstration of music and dancing. That made us feel lovely and excited.

But along comes the Australian offer tempting us with a $1million input by the Australian government to meet at an amazing Conference Centre with all modern amenities. Who could resist that?

Finally a young Indonesian stands up and speaks honestly about Kalimantan. Well, there would be 3 big halls for latihan, one in Palangkaraya, one already built, Rungan Sari, and one to be built in the Phase 2 Project. Well it is Bapak’s dream after all. It will be handled by the new generation who showed their abilities at the Basara Youth Camp in December 2016, when Subud youth congregated from all over the Subud world. It seemed like Kalimantan felt a little lame with what they had to offer, after the very confident Australian presentation.

The International Helpers tested in front of us. They then
left to discuss their receivings. The result was inconclusive. It was then decided that the IHs should test which presentation would advance the growth of Subud most.

Many people were thinking the Australian offer is obviously what we should go for. Did anyone wonder why Subud would not choose a place where there was a Subud centre already, plus un-built plots owned by Subud members instead of enriching the Australian government?

The man in the next seat, one Laksar Reese, was more worried about the decision making system. He stood up and questioned whether the decision was being made by the delegates or by the international helpers. What system are they using he asked? It was explained that it was up to the delegates to accept the advice of the International Helpers. It did have a feeling of relevance – a question which should be brought up at every world congress to make everyone aware of the delicacy of the system being used which in bad times could be manipulated. There should always be someone present who can ask such a question.

The IHs then tested which area being offered in the presentations would promote the growth of Subud best. So of course, Kalimantan which requires all in Subud to really put their shoulder to the wheel and probably nose to the grindstone and get themselves and Subud off the ground, was found to be the best for the 16th World Subud Congress 2022.

Subud World Congress 2022