Compilation of photos from Rachman Cantrell

We wanted to thank all of you who attended our 2022 Kedjiwaan Retreat at the Menucha Retreat and Conference Center. Your participation is what created the opportunity for all of us to experience again big latihans and the regaining of personal connections that were not possible during the COVID lockdown.

Note from Margarite Charney

For me at Menucha as a Regional helper, group latihans & doing the personal testing requests from members were most powerful. I could experience how members were not able to test & do group Latihan during the time of the Covid years.

It felt like an explosion of love if you will for lack of a better explanation. I was very grateful for being a part of the helper work there.


Note from Latham Stack

Sisters and Brothers!

What a fulfilling, love-filled and joyful event. So many of you said this was your best-ever Menucha. May this herald the renewal and growth of our community.

You and the SPNW Board took a chance that enough people would come, and boy did that happen. Of course, being in Subud we’re all at least a little adventurous :^) .

I’m deeply grateful to the helpers for guiding us through the weekend, to Halima and Oswald for making it happen through their hard work and counsel, to the SPNW Board, to the Menucha staff, and to the many of you for all the major and minor things you did to make it a success. I hope you’ll return next year!

Love, your Chair Latham

Note from Halima Taylor

This gathering was a wonderful reminder of the harmony that arises when we have latihans together.

We were able to give the hard-working kitchen staff a good ‘thank you tip’ and help those who were forced to cancel due to emergencies. All because of the generosity of all of you.

Thank you.

Personally, I had a wonderful time, both at the event and in the planning working

with Latham and Oswald. As many said in the closing circle, “I am full” ~~Halima

Note from Oswald Norton

I had a great time working on the communications part of this retreat.  I tried to craft messages that helped you to register, arrive at the retreat center and participate in the activities that were offered.  The work with Halima and Latham was easy and harmonious.

My experience during the retreat was also easy and harmonious. The strong winds of the Thursday and Friday kept me indoors for beginning latihans and conversation. Each of the group latihans was a powerful reminder of the value of these retreats for both myself and the members who were able to attend. I left feeling grateful for a place like the Menucha Retreat and Conference and the work of our regional helpers in putting together this retreat.

Love, Oswald

Photos from the 2022 Kedjiwaan Gathering

Thanks to Rachman Cantrell for his photos which are available here:

Cell Photos     Camera Photos

2022 Kedjiwaan Gathering Memories from Your Organizing Team